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Application Packaging


Arcfox Technologies Application Packing Services (ATAPS)

Arcfox Technologies believes that over the next few years, a lot of emphasis will be laid upon desktop operating systems, desktop applications, desktop security and deployment. To accommodate the gaining importance of desktop-centric services, Arcofox Technologies has set up discrete Desktop Management Factories such as Application Compatibility Factory, Application Packaging Factory, Remote Imaging Factory, Desktop Deployment Factory etc. Using this factory model, though its self service portal http://appstreamfactory.com customer would pay only for the resources (tools, personnel, and bandwidth) that they use and benefit from the standardized, repeatable unit within each function.

Application Support & Maintenance

Arcfox Technologies Remote Application Packaging Factory is a PAAS delivery model where applications are packaged by a core team specializing in rolling out packaged applications as per client’s needs using best of breed application packaging tools and processes. Arcfox Application Packaging & Packaged Application Support services ensure that all applications are packaged according to set standards and processes of software packaging.

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