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Adding structure to your business allows you to free up wasted time and not be bogged down with administrative processes.

Stay on top of your projects and tasks and know exactly what is occurring in your business. The ability to see your business dynamics in real-time or through reports allows greater efficiency through better resource allocation and accountability.

MiJournal helps you in achieving this dream by its simple and intuitive approach to manage your business. So you spend less time in paperwork and invest this time to help you grow your business.

You can keep track of invoices, expenses; estimate your projects, bill the time tracked per project to clients, generate reports based on your business data to know your profit & loss, tax reports and much more by following few simple steps in MiJournal which brings out the best for your business and helps you organize it in ways best suitable to you.

MiJournal keeps your business transactions and data completely secure through SSL technology. Be assured that your data is in safe hands. Regular backup of account data occurs automatically to make sure that your data is safe and sound even if we face a disaster. Just feed in your protected and critical data without thinking twice and leave the rest on us.

Take MiJournal with you wherever you go- MiJournal works on desktop as well as on mobile or tablet. MiJournal is on cloud and being a web-based application needs no installation on your system. Just login to your account anywhere and you will be connected to your business with a click. So you can keep yourself updated with your business hassle-free, even when out of office.

Best way to experience Mi Journal is to try it yourself !

Start your free fully featured one month trial and find out how Mi Journal can be helpful to your business.

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