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Your trusted IT solution partner Our leadership team carries with themselves extensive experience from large IT giants and possess skills required for giving our clients the best IT solutions specifically woven around your business needs. Our experience enables us to serve you with the most economical and relevant technology solutions while making sure the best standards and quality are maintained.

Arcfox’s approach

Cloud computing offers one of the most compelling return-on-investment (ROI) opportunities of our time. A well-executed risk-managed strategy brings significantly increased speed, agility, and flexibility while reducing cost.

Arcfox’s approach provides a sophisticated suite of cloud computing consulting services and reusable toolsets designed to maximize your ROI and control your risk. Our services’ methodology helps you gain visibility, support, and buy-in for your initiatives at all levels in your organization - Executive, IT management, and Staff. Arcfox consultants continuously manage risk and ROI, providing a clear roadmap; combining business-level perspective with technical acumen.

Comprehensive cloud computing and virtualization implementation services.

In a landscape where cloud and cloud-style options herald significant opportunity but traditional models still anchor much of business’ technology needs, strategic IT decisions have never been more complex—or important. That’s why Arcfox Technologies tailors our approach to best meet each client’s approach and objectives. Our flexible engagement models allow us to craft the best approach for your unique situation, challenges, and goals.

The complex and fast-changing nature of solutions for infrastructure, platform, and software cloud computing can be overwhelming. Cloud computing environments can involve new software development languages, application programming interfaces, and techniques; new approaches to storage; and an array of paradigm shifts in system administration, security, operations, and maintenance. Similarly, comprehensive virtualization and consolidation initiatives require expertise across the entire IT stack to avoid pitfalls and stay on-track. Building and maintaining the staff and expertise in-house for these new initiatives can be difficult and costly. Our implementation services include:

  • Cloud software application development
  • IaaS, PaaS, and SaaS application development including Microsoft Azure, Amazon AWS, Google App Engine, Terremark, Rackspace, & Joyent
  • Evaluating and redesigning applications for the cloud
  • Cloud migration and transition
  • Disaster recovery design and implementation
  • Identity management and access control
  • Security implementation
  • Virtualization of existing physical infrastructure
  • Storage and network redesign and implementation
  • Storage interface consolidation
  • Sizing and demand analysis for virtualized implementation
  • Requirements analysis for SaaS transition
  • Large-scale data transformation, import, and export to cloud providers
  • Private cloud self-subscription with VMware, Eucalyptus, and others

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